4 Business Features on our iOS 13 Wishlist

As shown in our previous Blog article, the iOS 13 rumor mill is out in full force. To compliment the growing number of fan-made iOS 13 concepts, we put together our own iOS 13 wishlist.

iOS 13 Wishlist:
The iPad, set to receive a lot of attention in the coming iOS 13 update, could profit from a few of the business features on our wishlist.

iOS 13 Business Feature Wish 1: Better BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Support

It has been possible to have multiple instances of the same app on Android for quite some time, so the first thing on our wishlist is an equivalent feature for better iOS device management.

For example, being able to separate the Photos app between managed and unmanaged would make a great change for iOS 13.

Having a visual difference between both types of apps – similar to the suitcase icon with Android – would also create a clearer distinction between managed and unmanaged apps.

iOS 13 Business Feature Wish 2: Better External Monitor Support

We really want to be able to use iOS 13 devices as proper desktop alternatives. That might sound like too much for any iOS 13 wishlist, but some minor improvements would actually help.

It is a shame that it is only possible to mirror the iOS desktop in its native resolution. Changing this, while improving the Split-View, so that we can split the same app while multitasking, are a couple of options to really enhance the iPad’s usefulness in the office.

iOS 13 Business Feature Wish 3: Improvements to the Shortcuts-App

Productivity has to be a key focus for iOS 13. Rumored iOS 13 improvements to multitasking between apps, the Files app and even rudimentary mouse support for the iPad shouldn’t stop there.

One iOS app with amazing room for potential is the Shortcuts App. Sure, a lot of iPhone users have never heard of Shortcuts before because it is not pre-installed, and it is true that you need a bit of time to get the hang of it, but it is a very useful productivity app.

A few enhancements have made it onto our iOS 13 wishlist. Currently, shortcuts need to be started within the app if not linked to Siri. Having to open the Shortcuts app goes against the concept of a true “shortcut”, so why not allow shortcuts, once created, to run independently outside of the app? Shortcuts could even be integrated into the iPhone’s Control Center.

Last but not least, the Shortcuts app requires more functions, like for instance more triggers for timed actions or sequences.

iOS 13 Business Feature Wish 4: More Automatic Options to Save Time

Including some more automatic options on the iOS would lift away some burdening micro-management from end users and save them time. It would be helpful, if iOS 13 included the possibility for setting up routines that regulate and search for app updates.

An option to automatically stop weekly alarms from repeating on public holidays, which could easily be linked to the holiday calendar for each city, would also be convenient.

And while we are at it: Apple; we also want to be able to set up an auto backup of files to a cloud storage of our choice. Please!

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