Android For Work: Supported Devices

Our video gives you an instant overview of the Android for Work supported devices.

In another blog post we look at how much does Android Enterprise cost? Here, we look at which are the Android devices that support Android for work.

Android for Work – Supported Devices

  • You can use Android for Work with Android 4.0 and later. For Android 4.0 though you need an Android for Work app. This gives you access to business apps
    and data on your smartphone.
  • With Android 5.0 and later, Android for Work is integrated into the operating system. On some devices though, you may still need the Android for Work app.
  • And from Android 6.0, Android for Work is supported without any limits and without any additional apps on smartphones or tablets.

More information on Android for Work and how to integrate Android devices into your company’s IT can be found in our Android for Work White Paper.

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