Mobile printing with Android and iOS

Android printing or iPhone printing is still an unfulfilled dream for many users – but has been a standard feature of Cortado Server for a long time.


Mobile printing with an iPhone

Android printing or iPhone printing is still an unfulfilled dream for many users.

Does this scenario look familiar to you? Have you drafted a contract on your iPad? And now you need it in paper form so that it can be signed? Is your boarding pass for the business trip on your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone? And now you quickly want to print it out at work?

Unfortunately, usually this is not such an easy process. Are you unable to select the printers on your mobile device? You end up looking for a workaround. In other words, you e-mail the document to yourself and then print it out from your computer. This does work, but it does not have to always be like this.

Mobile Android printing or iPhone printing? No such luck.

According to a survey, 70% of iOS business users are unable to print out documents from their iPhone. And Android printing usually involves workarounds. Even though the smartphone or tablet has now become an inherent part of daily work processes. When it comes to printing, however, the mobile system is frequently stretched to its limits.

Printing on the network printer from any app: it’s actually possible.

As an enterprise mobility solution, Cortado Server also offers comprehensive print options. Whether you want to print from your iPad, iPhone, or Android system – you can use the familiar print functions on your mobile device to print to the company’s network printer. You can choose from the same printers as on your workstation PC. You can also easily select settings in the print dialog such as number of copies, page selection, color/black and white, and duplex.

You can print e-mails directly from within the e-mail app, for example. Websites can be printed from within the browser. And files from any other app with supported print functions. Files from apps that offer no print option can be easily shared with the Cortado app from where they can be sent to the nearest network printer. It is irrelevant where the user is located. For example, printing can also be triggered when the user is not on the company’s premises.

Instant Wi-Fi printing while on the go

You might also want to quickly print something while you are on the go. This, too, could become very cumbersome. However, Cortado Server lets you address any Wi-Fi printer.

This is what mobile printing looks like (video)

Watch this short video if you want to know how mobile printing works with Cortado’s solution. In this video, our colleague Ross demonstrates at VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas what mobile printing with Cortado Server looks like.

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