Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): How It Works

With the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you can deploy iOS devices fast and easily in your company. It is otherwise known as Apple Business Manager (ABM).  To get DEP up and running, you’ll need a MDM solution, so take a look at out video to find out how this works. 

DEP Set-Up

To begin with, you’ll need to enroll your devices. This is done on the Apple Business Manager website. Afterwards, you’ll need to purchase your devices from either Apple directly or from an official Apple reseller. With your customer ID you can enroll your devices into the program and connect them to the MDM server, so that all configurations can be transferred to each device.

DEP Benefits

Have a look at our video for all the advantages in full. Some of the DEP benefits that you can expect from implementation are:

  • Optimized work processes
  • Highest level of security for the enterprise
  • Convenient device management
  • Simple rollout of mobile devices throughout the enterprise

With Cortado MDM, the Apple Device Enrollment Program is fully supported. Only the combination of DEP with Cortado MDM guarantees easy integration of iOS devices into your business and allows you to fully take advantage of the entire range of DEP benefits.

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