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PDF with iPhone

How to Save to PDF With iPad and iPhone (iOS 13)

In three easy steps to PDF. We show you how Apple makes it possible to create PDF files easily and quickly with an iPad or iPhone.

Apple Watch für Unternehmen

Apple Watch, Google Glass & Samsung Gear: Wearables at Work?

AppleWatch, Google Glass & Android Gear: Wearable computers, also known as just wearables, are the secret stars of the Internet of Things (IOT). Although the sales figures don’t quite meet manufacturers’ expectations, smartwatches and fitness trackers are the perfect entry into this segment thanks to their lower prices. As with the first smartphones, IT departments are now faced with the task of managing devices, in a corporate context such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass and Samsung Gear.

Mobile Printing: Easily print with iPad, iPhone, Android & Co.

Mobile Printing: How do I Print from my iPad with Cortado?

Cortado adds far greater Wi-Fi printing functionality to your authorised iOS network devices, whilst retaining all the advantages of out of the box Apple printing. Cortado offers what AirPrint alone is missing: usability, flexibility, and security.

Virtual Data Rooms: The Best Solution for Corporate File Sharing and Collaboration

Virtual Data Rooms: The Best Solution for Corporate File Sharing and Collaboration

Virtual data rooms are designed for managing, distributing and storing documents and they allow secure collaboration on confidential documents. These documents are stored in electronic form and are accessible through secure, online access to a central server.

COPE oder BYOD? Keine leichte Entscheidung.

BYOD or COPE? Which Mobile Strategy is Right for You?

COPE or BYOD? Android or iOS? Not an easy decision. This article helps you create an individual mobile strategy for your company.