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ProcessingOrder with Kiosk mode for iPad

How to Enable Kiosk Mode for iPad and iPhone

Sometimes you don't need lots of apps in order to get your job done. With the kiosk mode for iPad, you can lockdown your devices to one dedicated purpose, ensuring more security and control for professional use cases.


Manage Pico VR Headsets and More – New in Cortado MDM

When using several VR headsets for business purposes, you can now rely on Cortado MDM to streamline their management.

Dual-Sim on iPhones?

How Does Dual SIM Work on iPhones?

Two telephone numbers on one smartphone: sounds like a convenient method to separate private calls from your business number, right? But how does Dual SIM work on iPhones?


Explainer: Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (Android 11 +) with Setup Guide

In this post we take a look at the corporate owned, personally enabled deployment scenario (COPE) and how it changes with Android 11.


Check Device Status in the User Portal and More – New in Cortado MDM

Our new user portal, released in the last update, helps users and admins alike manage their devices.

Simplified device provisioning in Cortado MDM

Simplified Device Provisioning – New in Cortado MDM

In the last update to Cortado MDM, we made the enrolment workflow a little more streamlined in the Admin Portal. You can now enroll new smartphones and tablets directly from the “Devices” tab.

Cortado MDM Kaseya integration

Kaseya MDM Integration – Seamless Mobile Device Management for Kaseya VSA

Cortado MDM is now an official Kaseya integration. All Kaseya users can add the Cortado MDM plug-in for free and easily protect sensitive data on mobile devices.

User Portal

What’s New – Cortado MDM 10.8

A new update for Cortado MDM has arrived, and this time it brings improvements to the Cortado apps and a new end-user portal. Here’s a summary of the most exciting changes.

TeamViewer: How MDM Can Enhance your Remote IT Support

TeamViewer: How MDM Can Enhance your Remote IT Support

Here’s a quick and easy post for simplifying IT support queries for your fleet of tablets, smartphones and kiosk devices with TeamViewer and Cortado MDM.

DEP Cortado MDM

Cortado MDM: Shared iPads and More

Cortado MDM now allows you configure your managed iPads so that they can be shared by multiple users. Read on to find out about all the new features in this update.