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Huawei Android Enterprise recommoneded

Google to Stop Android Updates for Huawei and Removes Recommended Status

Google will stop Huawei from accessing Android updates as the row between the US and China escalates. The big chip makers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have also withdrawn support.

Innovative Einzelhandelsprozesse und neue Logistikkonzepte werden zunehmend von konsumententauglichen Smartphones im Unternehmen unterstützt.

Mobile Inventory Management With Smartphones and Tablets

Inventory management, powered by rugged smartphones and tablets, can bring great advantages over legacy solutions. Here is why you should consider deploying Android and iOS devices in the warehouse and shopfloor.

iOS 13 Wunschzettel

4 Business Features on our iOS 13 Wishlist

The iOS 13 rumor mill is out in full force. We put together our own iOS 13 wishlist, and as you can expect, the Cortado Team has focused on a few business-focused updates. Find out here what you can await from the new update.

iOS Dark Mode?? iOS 13: Release Date and Latest Rumors

iOS Dark Mode?? iOS 13: Release Date and Latest Rumors

iOS dark mode, multi-platform apps for iOS/macOS and other latest iOS 13 rumors can be found here. In addition to the iOS 13 release date, find out here which new features might be included in the upcoming iOS 13 update.

Save Time and Costs with Apple´s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

What is Apple DEP? (Apple Device Enrollment Program)

With the Device Enrollment Program, Apple has made a major leap when it comes to Company Owned Private Enabled strategies, enabling an efficient way to configure profiles as quickly and as easily as possible.

Native iOS Printing in Corporate Environments

Native iOS Printing in Corporate Environments

Discover full iOS printing support with the printing of e-mails, PDFs, or Office documents directly from iPhones and iPads to any network printer, regardless of the manufacturer.

Smooth Enterprise Mobility Workflow with Cortado Server

Smooth Enterprise Mobility Workflow with Cortado Server

With Enterprise Mobility, you give employees more freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. This use case video shows you a smooth workflow which incorporates new working environments like your home, the use of different devices like smartphones, tablets, PC or Laptop.

Windows Phones: Mit neuer Web App Zugriff auf Netzlaufwerke

How to Access with Windows Phone Files Stored on Business Server

With the Cortado app, you can easily access with your Windows Phone files stored on your business file server. Edit your documents with Microsoft Office and upload them back to your file server. See how easy this is in this feature video!

Dateizugriff auf geschäftliche Daten mit Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

Accessing Files the Way You Are Used To with Cortado

In this short video clip, you can see a Cortado Server review of features, plus an overview of how the user interface is set up.

iOS Mail Tips: We`ll Show you the Hidden Features

iOS Mail Tips: We’ll Show you the Hidden Features

To work productively with Apple's iOS Mail completely, you'll also need to get familiar with all the various tricks hidden in the iOS software. For this blog post, we created a iOS Mail tutorial that shows you 10 cool iOS Mail tips that are out of plain sight.