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5 Top Tips for a Successful BYOD Policy for Small Businesses

BYOD is a great way to increase mobile productivity. With our 5 tips and free resources, you’ll have everything you need to create a simple but successful BYOD policy for small businesses too.

iPads at School / iPads für die Schule

6 Steps to Set Up and Manage your iPads at School

More and more teachers and students are using iPads at school. But just handing out iPads to students is likely to create more of an IT headache than translate into top grades. Our 6-step guide and free checklist explain how to successfully deploy iPads at school.

Apple School Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Apple School Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Managing large numbers of iPads for your students doesn’t need to be a headache. Learn how you can save time with Apple School Manager here!

Everything About Knox Mass Enrollment

Everything About Knox Mass Enrollment

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, a multitude of Samsung devices can be quickly and easily set up for deployment in the enterprise.

7 Major iOS 14 MDM Changes in 2020

7 Major iOS 14 MDM Changes in 2020

At the WWDC20, Apple introduced a few notable changes to how we manage iOS devices. Here’s a quick recap of the most important features.


Cortado MDM – Now with Automatic iOS App Updates

Despite testing times and the Easter holiday, we’re working hard on taking the hassle away from device management. To help you save time, Cortado MDM can now update your apps automatically.

Search-Device-Cortado MDM

Cortado MDM: Improved BYOD and Easier Device Management

We're pleased to announce further improvements to Cortado MDM. Here are all the updates at a glance.

Deep Dive – iOS Device Management for iPhones and iPads

Deep Dive – iOS Device Management for iPhones and iPads

In this guide, IT decision makers and administrators can learn the best ways to purchase, configure and deploy Apple devices professionally, thereby reducing security risks and keeping iOS management simple.

Android device management

Android Enterprise Management Explained

This guide explains all that there is to know about Android device management. It explains what Android Enterprise is, who needs to be using it and what potential Android Enterprise's most important features possess.

Image depicting a man working on the move with the Android work profile

How to Create a Android Work Profile & Why

Find out how to set up the Android work profile and three reasons why it makes bring-your-own-device initiatives so much better.