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WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp in a Business Container? Even Possible?

No administrator will integrate WhatsApp into a business container, even if today its already technically possible. WhatsApp could easily gain important information from the container. There is a way however, to use WhatsApp for companies – either you completely forget the container idea or limit it to just a few apps. You can also create a way of screening data from typical private apps, which are in general quite unsecure, so that date can securely enter the company.

iPhone viurs

Petrol Cans for E-Cars? Do Smartphones Need Anti-Virus Protection?

iPhones and Android smartphones can also be infected by viruses. How dangerous is this for companies? What protective measures can be taken?

Android - the fragmented operating system

Android for Work – What Does Fragmentation Mean for Companies

Android has the largest market share, but for many companies the operating system remains too fragmented. Android for Work offers a helping hand.

Vor dem Wechsel braucht es eine Strategie

Drop the Box: Replacing Cloud Storage with an On-Premises Solution

Cloud solutions like Dropbox can improve business processes but are accompanied by security risks. Every company is required to define its position.

Google's Android introduced a new approach to catch up with iOS, called Android For Work

Google’s Android: Using Tablets, Smartphones, and Apps for Work

At the beginning of the year, Google's Android introduced a new approach to catch up with iOS, called Android For Work. In the Android vs. iOS debate, Google thus seems to want to catch up with Apple in mobile device management (MDM) matters.

Cortado Mobile Solutions at VMworld 2016

Join us on our Roadtrip to VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas

The VMworld 2016 started yesterday. We decided to make a little roadtrip from Denver to Las Vegas in order to get there and captured our impressions in a short video.

Cortado Corporate Server Now Android for Work Ready

Having met all the Google test criteria, Cortado is now listed as provider of an enterprise mobility solution for Android for Work.

Now available: Cortado Corporate Server 8

The new mobile operating system versions and Cortado Corporate Server make enterprise mobility simpler, more productive and more secure. Discover Cortado Corporate Server 8.

Cortado Awarded “BLI Buyers Lab 2016 Pick” for Outstanding Mobile Device Management Software

Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) named Cortado Mobile Solutions as a winner of the Winter 2016 Pick award for outstanding Mobile Device Management software.

Welcome to the Cortado Blog

Welcome to the Cortado Blog

The Cortado Blog is where we will share all news as well as our next big ideas that will impact the future of enterprise mobility. Stay tuned!