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Cortado subscription management

Subscription Management: Now Add Licenses and More Directly from the Admin Portal

From now on, you can manage your Cortado subscription directly from the administration portal. For example, additional device licenses can be added in no time at all.

Android MDM: Connect work and private apps

Connecting Work and Private Apps on Android Devices

No more appintment conflicts! MDM administrators can now enable apps, like the calendar app, to connect and share data across the work and personal profiles.

Android Policy Configuration: Location Services

Enforce or Disable Location Services for Corporate Android Smartphones

Cortado MDM can now remotely control location services for fully managed Android devices with version 11 or higher. Administrators can centrally enable or disable location services for all apps. Changing this setting by device users is then no longer possible.

Introducing Cortado Server 10

Introducing Cortado Server 10

New! Cortado Server 10 supports iOS User Enrollment, Android zero-touch enrollment, Android kiosk mode and more.

Android Smartphone User

Android Zero-Touch Enrollment: How it Works

Android Zero-Touch enrollment provides an easy, quick and secure way to set up and deploy Android-based enterprise devices. In this article we explain what the advantages and requirements are and how the registration works.

sideload apps and its prevention

Sideloading apps for iOS and potential risks explained

When users sideload apps, they invariably risk exposing their device to malware – or worse. In this article we explain how sideloading works and why companies can benefit from MDM.

Apple iOS 12 oder Google Android Pie – wer hat das bessere Rezept?

Android Pie vs iOS 12: How Google and Apple Are Fighting for Business Customers

The market for mobile business users is very attractive for device manufacturers. Apple and Google, in particular, are fighting for supremacy among corporate users and are constantly improving their business features. We’ve taken a closer look at the current operating systems – iOS 12 and Android Pie, to find out which of them has the edge. Let the battle begin!

How E-Mail and Wi-Fi Justify MDM

How E-Mail and Wi-Fi Justify MDM

There are several reasons why companies don’t use an MDM system. What is certainly not a reason, is that employees don’t use mobile devices. Most employees also work mobile even if only to use e-mail or Wi-Fi, whether a mobile strategy is in place or not.


10 MDM Features to Manage Devices like a Pro

The ABC of MDM: With these 10 MDM features you are fully equipped to manage mobile devices like a pro and you are guaranteed success.

WhatsApp in a Business Container? Is it Even Possible?

WhatsApp in a Business Container? Is it Even Possible?

No administrator will integrate WhatsApp into a business container, even if today its already technically possible. WhatsApp could easily gain important information from the container. There is a way however, to use WhatsApp for companies – either you completely forget the container idea or limit it to just a few apps. You can also create a way of screening data from typical private apps, which are in general quite unsecure, so that date can securely enter the company.