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Do Phones Need Antivirus Protection?

Do Phones Need Antivirus Protection?

iPhones and Android smartphones can also be infected by viruses. How dangerous is this for companies? What protective measures can be taken?

How to create video loops on iPhone, iPad, iPod

How to loop a video on iPhone, iPad, or iPod

We always thought that iPad, iPhone and iPod couldn’t play video loops. But we found a way to do so and wanted to tell you in this article how to do so.

Android Enterprise – What Does Fragmentation Mean for Companies

Android Enterprise – What Does Fragmentation Mean for Companies

Android has the largest market share, but for many companies the operating system remains too fragmented. Android for Work offers a helping hand.

Google's Android introduced a new approach to catch up with iOS, called Android For Work

How Much Does Android Enterprise Cost?

Watch our video to get a clear overview of Android Enterprise costs. You can also read the information underneath the video.

Wie richten Sie Android For Work ein

Set up Enterprise Work Contacts with Android Enterprise

With Android for Work, your smartphone contacts are divided between private and business contacts. Watch our video and see how it works.


Cortado Server Now Android for Work Ready

Having met all the Google test criteria, Cortado is now listed as provider of an enterprise mobility solution for Android for Work.

cortado server

Now available: Cortado Server 8

The new mobile operating system versions and Cortado Server make enterprise mobility simpler, more productive and more secure. Discover Cortado Server 8.

Armin Lungwitz (CIO), Mathias Pröhl (CTO) und Yasemin Ünalmis (Account Managerin) nehmen den Award entgegen

Cortado Awarded “BLI Buyers Lab 2016 Pick” for Outstanding Mobile Device Management Software

Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) named Cortado Mobile Solutions as a winner of the Winter 2016 Pick award for outstanding Mobile Device Management software.

Welcome to the Cortado Blog

Welcome to the Cortado Blog

The Cortado Blog is where we will share all news as well as our next big ideas that will impact the future of enterprise mobility. Stay tuned!