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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 – We’re folding again!

After years at a standstill, there is now movement again in the variety of smartphone forms. At the Mobile World Congress 2019, some manufacturers have reapplied themselves to the design of the devices. Read it for yourself!

5 Tips for Successfully Implementing an Enterprise Mobility Management System

5 Tips for Successfully Implementing an Enterprise Mobility Management System

There is a lot to consider when introducing an EMM system. In order for you to be able to put your new EMM system into operation in a structured and successful manner, we have five tips for you which, in our experience, have proven particularly effective in practice.

Mobility Basics: What is Mobile Device Mangagement

Mobility Basics Part I: What exactly is… Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

In our new "Mobility Basics" series, we focus on various terms related to working with mobile devices. Today, we explain in a simple and understandable way what Mobile Device Management is, why it is useful and who needs it.

sideload apps and its prevention

Sideload apps for iOS – How it works and potential risks

When users sideload apps, they invariably risk exposing their device to malware – or worse. In this article we explain how sideloading works and why companies can benefit from MDM.

Mobile Printing: Easily print with iPad, iPhone, Android & Co.

Mobile Printing: How do I Print from my iPad with Cortado?

Cortado adds far greater Wi-Fi printing functionality to your authorised iOS network devices, whilst retaining all the advantages of out of the box Apple printing. Cortado offers what AirPrint alone is missing: usability, flexibility, and security.

How to create video loops on iPhone, iPad, iPod

How to loop a video on iPhone, iPad, or iPod

We always thought that iPad, iPhone and iPod couldn’t play video loops. But we found a way to do so and wanted to tell you in this article how to do so.

Windows Phones: Mit neuer Web App Zugriff auf Netzlaufwerke

How to Access with Windows Phone Files Stored on Business Server

With the Cortado app, you can easily access with your Windows Phone files stored on your business file server. Edit your documents with Microsoft Office and upload them back to your file server. See how easy this is in this feature video!

Dateizugriff auf geschäftliche Daten mit Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

Accessing Files the Way You Are Used To with Cortado

In this short video clip, you can see a Cortado Server review of features, plus an overview of how the user interface is set up.

iOS Mail Tips: We`ll Show you the Hidden Features

iOS Mail Tips: We’ll Show you the Hidden Features

To work productively with Apple's iOS Mail completely, you'll also need to get familiar with all the various tricks hidden in the iOS software. For this blog post, we created a iOS Mail tutorial that shows you 10 cool iOS Mail tips that are out of plain sight.

Virtual Data Room Demo - See How It Works

Virtual Data Room Demo – See How It Works

While at VMWorld, our Cortado colleague Ross explained exactly how collaboration with Virtual Data Rooms looks like for all organizations using Cortado Server. Take a look at our Virtual Data Room demo.