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ProcessingOrder with Kiosk mode for iPad

How to Enable Kiosk Mode for iPad and iPhone

Sometimes you don't need lots of apps in order to get your job done. With the kiosk mode for iPad, you can lockdown your devices to one dedicated purpose, ensuring more security and control for professional use cases.

Die Cloubhouse App legt Schattenprofile an

Clubhouse: How to Ensure Data Protection Compliant Use

The Clubhouse app is something everyone is paying attention to nowadays. What is this app actually and what should companies watch out for in order to ensure data protection compliance and prevent the creation of shadow profiles?


5 Top Tips for a Successful BYOD Policy for Small Businesses

BYOD is a great way to increase mobile productivity. With our 5 tips and free resources, you’ll have everything you need to create a simple but successful BYOD policy for small businesses too.

iPads at School / iPads für die Schule

6 Steps to Set Up and Manage your iPads at School

More and more teachers and students are using iPads at school. But just handing out iPads to students is likely to create more of an IT headache than translate into top grades. Our 6-step guide and free checklist explain how to successfully deploy iPads at school.

Apple School Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Apple School Manager: Everything You Need to Know

Managing large numbers of iPads for your students doesn’t need to be a headache. Learn how you can save time with Apple School Manager here!

Everything About Knox Mass Enrollment

Everything About Knox Mass Enrollment

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, a multitude of Samsung devices can be quickly and easily set up for deployment in the enterprise.

Home Office & Remote Work – How BYOD Employee Smartphones Can Be Used

Home Office & Remote Work – How BYOD Employee Smartphones Can Be Used

In recent times, home office and remote work have seen growth that nobody could have expected even just a few months ago. Virtually all office employees can however work just as productively at home as in the office – provided a few guidelines are followed. Find out in our blog post how employee smartphones can be used in a BYOD concept to successfully enable home office and remote work.

Work tasks can be done conveniently on the road with your own device.

BYOD: What Data Does My Boss See on My Private Phone?

Using your private phone to read business e-mails has become more the rule than the exception. But when it comes to the management of private devices by the company within a BYOD framework, users are often skeptical. Can the boss also view or even delete your private phone data?

Deep Dive – iOS Device Management for iPhones and iPads

Deep Dive – iOS Device Management for iPhones and iPads

In this guide, IT decision makers and administrators can learn the best ways to purchase, configure and deploy Apple devices professionally, thereby reducing security risks and keeping iOS management simple.

Android device management

Android Enterprise Management Explained

This guide explains all that there is to know about Android device management. It explains what Android Enterprise is, who needs to be using it and what potential Android Enterprise's most important features possess.