Tips & Tricks for Mobile Work

Useful tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices.

Dual-Sim on iPhones?

How Does Dual SIM Work on iPhones?

Two telephone numbers on one smartphone: sounds like a convenient method to separate private calls from your business number, right? But how does Dual SIM work on iPhones?

Die Cloubhouse App legt Schattenprofile an

Clubhouse: How to Ensure Data Protection Compliant Use

The Clubhouse app is something everyone is paying attention to nowadays. What is this app actually and what should companies watch out for in order to ensure data protection compliance and prevent the creation of shadow profiles?

TeamViewer: How MDM Can Enhance your Remote IT Support

TeamViewer: How MDM Can Enhance your Remote IT Support

Here’s a quick and easy post for simplifying IT support queries for your fleet of tablets, smartphones and kiosk devices with TeamViewer and Cortado MDM.

The Files app used for managing files and folders on iPhone and iPad

How to Protect Data At Work with the iOS Files App and MDM

Since iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users have a central location on their iOS devices where they can open and manage files: the Files app. iOS smartphones and tablets are therefore equipped with a file management tool that is great for mobile working. Learn more about which functions the Files app offers, and how you can unleash its potential further with Cortado Workplace.

Drops, Dust and Security – How You Can Protect Your Smartphone

Drops, Dust and Security – How You Can Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones can be really expensive. Not just for Apple’s products do we have to dig deep into our pockets, Android also has an ever-wider range of premium devices. And when you make such an investment, it has to be protected – so your smartphone is no exception. What easy steps can you take to keep having fun and not frustration with your new device for as long as possible?

Productivity: 5 Instant Tips That Actually Work for More Mobile Productivity

5 Instant Tips That Actually Work for More Mobile Productivity

Productivity remains such a highly-complex, subjective, context- and culture-dependent concept that there cannot be THE ONE productivity savior who rids us of our procrastination, lack of concentration and bad self-organization skills. But what simple steps can we take to be more productive, faster and more efficient on the go? Here are a few tips that we know work really well.

Reaction if your iPhone hasn't charged properly.

Your iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max Not Charging?

The new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are not always charging smoothly. Sometimes devices don’t start charging even though they are connected correctly to a compatible power source. Read about the root of the problem and what you can do.

Using travel time effectively is one of the challenges of many business travellers.

How to Be Fully Productive on Business Trips – A User Report

The following is a field report from a Cortado employee who uses a managed iPad for his daily work.

iPad Air statt PC

One week working with iPad Air instead of a PC – my Self-Experiment

Our colleague Thomas decided to work for a whole week with an iPad Air 2 and banned his PC from his desk. He shares his experience with you here.

Data Roaming in Cuba

Data Roaming in Cuba – Like Showering in the Desert

Internet is a scare resource in Cuba – an experience that was made by Cortado Holding CEO Carsten Mickeleit on his recent trip there. How mobile internet and roaming works in Cuba and what needs to be considered is explained in his blog contribution.