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App-Feedback Android

New: App Feedback for Managed Android Configurations

Cortado MDM administrators now receive feedback on whether managed app configurations for Android have been successfully implemented.

Cortado App new

Now available: The new Cortado app for iOS

Our BYOD app is now called Cortado App. It also now supports COBO and COPE scenarios and is from now on available in the Apple App Store.

Verwaltete App-Konfiguationen für Android in Cortado MDM

Define Managed App Configurations for Android Now for Users and Groups

With Cortado MDM, application configurations for Android can now also be defined differently according to users and groups. This was previously only the case for iOS.

Cortado subscription management

Subscription Management: Now Add Licenses and More Directly from the Admin Portal

From now on, you can manage your Cortado subscription directly from the administration portal. For example, additional device licenses can be added in no time at all.

Android MDM: Connect work and private apps

Connecting Work and Private Apps on Android Devices

No more appintment conflicts! MDM administrators can now enable apps, like the calendar app, to connect and share data across the work and personal profiles.

Android: Allow or Disallow Apps to Display Over Other Apps

Android: Allow or Disallow Apps to Display Over Other Apps

Since the last Cortado update, MDM admins can globally allow or disallow content overlay on other apps for fully managed...

Android Policy Configuration: Location Services

Enforce or Disable Location Services for Corporate Android Smartphones

Cortado MDM can now remotely control location services for fully managed Android devices with version 11 or higher. Administrators can centrally enable or disable location services for all apps. Changing this setting by device users is then no longer possible.

Frankfurt am Main - neuer Serverstandort

Cortado MDM’s Software Hosting Now in Germany

Our MDM software has a new home! Our solution is now hosted in the Azure data center in Frankfurt, Germany.

What’s New: Managing Administrator Accounts

What’s New: Managing Administrator Accounts

Today we’d like to introduce two new features which focus on admins and their capabilities which are both available to Cortado MDM customers with PRO plans.

New in Cortado MDM – Improved Password Policy (Android 12)

New in Cortado MDM – Improved Password Policy (Android 12)

New in Cortado MDM - improved password policies for Android 12 devices. Read more about the update in this post.