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Frau am Cloud-Arbeitsplatz

Cloud Services and Data Protection: Recommendations from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for the Public Sector

What are the recommendations of the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) for using cloud services in the public sector in a GDPR-compliant way?

TikTok auf Firmenhandys - ein Sicherheitsrisiko?

TikTok on Company Devices: A Security Risk?

Learn why TikTok can create security risks on company smartphones and how to minimize those risks here.

Mobile Device Management (MDM): 5 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mobile Device Management work? What do I need it for? What are the essential functions? We answer these and other questions here.

Best Webcam for Video Calls: The iPhone as of iOS 16

Improve your video call experience with the iPhone as your webcam. With the introduction of iOS 16, Apple's smartphone camera becomes a high-quality webcam with face tracking features. Learn how to set it up and use it for your next call »

BYOD, CYOD, COBO, COPE auf dem Smartphone

COBO, COPE, CYOD, and BYOD simply explained

Anyone who deals with company smartphones and mobile device management inevitably comes across abbreviations such as COBO, COPE, CYOD and BYOD.

WhatsApp Business datenschutzkonform für Unternehmen

WhatsApp Business: What can the business version of WhatsApp do, and what do companies need to heed?

Learn how you can set up WhatsApp Business securely in your company and use it in a privacy-compliant manner.

Two Years On: Are Huawei Devices a Security Risk at Work?

Two Years On: Are Huawei Devices a Security Risk at Work?

In 2019 Google stopped supporting Huawei devices and prevented them from accessing the Google Play store. We consider if Huawei smartphones are still to be regarded as a security risk and if the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi may face a similar future.

MDM for VR Devices: Interview with Pico

MDM for VR Devices: Interview with Pico

As we recently announced the ability to manage Pico VR devices with Cortado MDM, our PR Manager Silke Kluckert spoke with Oliver Wöhler, Commercial Director Northern Europe at Pico Interactive, about the collaboration.

Two iOS 15 Devices

iOS 15: The Features That Increase Data Protection

The arrival of iOS 15 introduces enhancements to data security and privacy. We give a brief overview of the new iOS 15 security features.


Explainer: Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (Android 11 +) with Setup Guide

In this post we take a look at the corporate owned, personally enabled deployment scenario (COPE) and how it changes with Android 11.