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7 Major iOS 14 MDM Changes in 2020

7 Major iOS 14 MDM Changes in 2020

At the WWDC20, Apple introduced a few notable changes to how we manage iOS devices. Here’s a quick recap of the most important features.

Apple WWDC19 Round Up: New iOS Enterprise Features

Apple WWDC19 Round Up: New iOS Enterprise Features

A whole host of new iOS enterprise features were announced for iPads and iPhones at WWDC19. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the features that will make the biggest difference in your enterprise.

User Enrollment iOS 13 Apple WWDC19

What Is Apple’s User Enrollment for iOS?

Announced at the Apple WWDC19, User Enrollment will be revising how BYOD is managed in the future. Here is our summary on the key changes to be aware of!

Huawei Android Enterprise recommoneded

Google Removes Recommended Status for Huawei

Google will stop Huawei from accessing Android updates as the row between the US and China escalates. The big chip makers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have also withdrawn support.

Innovative Einzelhandelsprozesse und neue Logistikkonzepte werden zunehmend von konsumententauglichen Smartphones im Unternehmen unterstützt.

Mobile Inventory Management With Smartphones and Tablets

Inventory management, powered by rugged smartphones and tablets, can bring great advantages over legacy solutions. Here is why you should consider deploying Android and iOS devices in the warehouse and shopfloor.

Android Enterprise enables secure mobile working

An Evolution: Android Business Use

With Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work), Google offers comprehensive security and management features that enable companies to securely integrate Android devices into their environment. We look back at the origins of Android’s business features and show how Android Enterprise is making Android devices more and more popular in businesses.

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Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 – We’re folding again!

After years at a standstill, there is now movement again in the variety of smartphone forms. At the Mobile World Congress 2019, some manufacturers have reapplied themselves to the design of the devices. Read it for yourself!

How Apple Will Close The Security Gap In iOS 12

Known Security Flaw Closed in iOS 12

The fact that configurations profiles on iOS devices contain a security flaw has been known now for quite some time. Now Apple wants to make improvements to iOS 12 and thus increase the security of the operating system.

On the Hunt for Employees? How about Alexa or Siri?

On the Hunt for Employees? How about Alexa or Siri?

Siri is just turning 7 years old, has learned a lot during this time and comes with an impressive resume. She’s available around the clock to fulfil the tasks of millions of potential employers. Siri is no longer alone either – Alexa, Cortana, the Google Assistant and Bixby are also entering into the job market. But how suitable are digital assistants for companies?

iOS Dark Mode?? iOS 13: Release Date and Latest Rumors

iOS Dark Mode?? iOS 13: Release Date and Latest Rumors

iOS dark mode, multi-platform apps for iOS/macOS and other latest iOS 13 rumors can be found here. In addition to the iOS 13 release date, find out here which new features might be included in the upcoming iOS 13 update.