Cortado Server: We Design Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility at its best: Thanks to Cortado Server you can enjoy working on your smartphone or tablet. It offers unlimited flexibility for employees while still making sure that IT-admins have everything under control. 

What are the Advantanges of Cortado Server?

The advantages are obvious: Employees are able to professionally use iPhones, iPads or Android and Windows Phones just as they are used to. Amongst other things, they are able to access network drives, intranet pages and SharePoint directly from their mobile devices – whenever and wherever they want.

IT administrators continue to work with their known systems, Active Directory Groups and Windows privileges. And last but not least, Cortado Server offers high security by being an on-premises software. It is installed in the enterprise behind the company’s own firewall.

Why Should you Choose Cortado?

Cortado follows the philosophy that working natively delivers the highest levels of user acceptance. That’s why this enterprise mobility solution fully supports native app management and instead of focusing on separate storage when it comes to file sharing, enables a direct connection to the corporate network. The result is a significant increase in productivity for mobile employees, improved collaboration among teams as well as convenient management for the IT management.

Want to Learn More About Cortado’s Product Range?

You can find out about other Cortado products here.

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