Accessing Files the Way You Are Used To with Cortado

In this short video clip, you can see a Cortado Server review of features, plus an overview of how the user interface is set up.

Wireless file access in your organization doesn’t have to be difficult. Cortado Server is designed to help you access your work folders and documents on your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and PC.  Here is a short overview of its key features.

Accessing Files the Way You Are Used To

Alongside making sure that corporate data always remains secure, one of the core tenants of Cortado’s philosophy is to utilize the native applications and operating systems of mobile devices.

As shown in the video, when you use the Cortado Server interface, you can access the file in the same manner that you would always do.

Through either the web app or native apps, both you and your colleagues gain access to your company’s file system.

With Cortado Server Review Older Word Document Versions

With Cortado Server, review earlier versions of documents too! Cortado Server retains older versions of documents so that no information is lost. In Cortado Server, you can expect a great filesharing solution to help you and your team get the very best from collaborations, without version confusion.

Virtual Data Rooms

Our software also supports Virtual Data Rooms. This means you can securely share files with colleagues and people outside your organization.

You can see in another video how easy this is with Cortado Server.

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