Drop the Box: Replacing Cloud Storage with an On-Premises Alternative

Change from Cloud Storage to an On-Premises Alternative?
When companies want to switch from cloud solutions like Dropbox to on-premises solutions, they need a clear strategy.

Cloud computing and the use of cloud services like Dropbox or Box have brought the user to the forefront. The downside is that, these gains are accompanied by some loss of control and by numerous security risks. Here every company is required to define its position.

Why do employees rely on cloud services?

Most like the immediate availability and the simplicity of the solution as well as the mobile access. Addressing this desire to use cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive only with restrictions is certainly the wrong choice here. It makes much more sense to provide alternatives that are equal to the current cloud services, but which satisfy the company’s security policies at the same time. Only when the users accept the solution will it bring long-term benefits.

It is technically possible for solutions installed at the company to rival the user-friendliness of cloud solutions. in fact, solutions that are integrated into the company’s infrastructure can actually give the user substantial benefits, like having all data available without first having to be transferred to the cloud. And users with whom you want to exchange ideas are already set up in the system and do not have to be invited first. But beware! It is quite possible that the users are resorting to cloud solutions because the current file structure is too complex for them.

Finally, cloud storage like Dropbox starts with an empty storage space. This alone can give the user the false impression of a simplified user-friendliness. Once the structure is replicated in the cloud with increasing usage, this benefit is lost.

Combining on-premises and user-friendliness

The Cortado Server shows that on-premises and user-friendliness are not mutually exclusive. With its apps and its web interface, it provides an intuitive ease of use that lacks for nothing compared to today’s demands on cloud solutions.

Try it yourself. You can run a fully functional version of the software and use it free for 30 days. In addition, Cortado Server – unlike typical cloud solutions – is designed to handle more complex directory structures. Here, the solution can be installed completely in your corporate network. Since the Cortado Server is managed through a modern HTML5 management console, it is alternatively possible without additional steps to run the Cortado Server on a hoster in a private cloud.

And one more tip: When launching the Cortado Server, it can lend itself to setting up a new spare drive to provide the users with storage space outside the existing structures.

If you were using cloud storage in the past to work together with externals – such as freelancers or project partners – you don’t have to do without that either. The Cortado Server provides so-called virtual data rooms, to which externals can be invited. This makes it possible for internals and externals to work together securely and productively in firewall-protected project rooms.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Cortado Server lets you implement a secure company-controlled solution that makes the use of cloud storage unnecessary. With its outstanding usability, the access to available information and documents from mobile devices, and the ability to interact with externals, there are no longer any reasons for your employees to rely on cloud storage like Dropbox.

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