Everything About Knox Mass Enrollment

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, a multitude of Samsung devices can be mass-enrolled quickly and easily.

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What is Knox Mobile Enrollment? 

In contrast to other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung offers an almost unrivalled product range, spanning ultra-high-end devices to very attractively priced lower-end models. For the organizations which therefore wish to provision Samsung devices for their workforce exclusively, Knox Mobile Enrollment is a valuable tool. It is a cloud-based service that enables easy and fast deployment of Samsung devices.  

IT administrators are the first to benefit from Knox Mobile Enrollment. Anyone who has ever been given the task of deploying a couple dozen phones in accordance with company security guidelines will know what this process involves. It means lots of unpacking and repetitive configuration inputs, all taking up a lot of time and leaving room for errors to swiftly creep in.  

Mass Enrollment with Knox: The Advantages

Knox mass enrollment, as with other mass enrollment solutions like Android Zero-Touch and Apple Automated Device Enrollment, is designed to make this process more efficient and less monotonous. Admins can deploy and configure large numbers of corporately-owned Samsung devices without even having to unbox them. Users can easily unpack their configured devices and start working immediately after unboxing. 

Here’s a quick overview of the main advantages:  

  • Automated device enrollment: Thousands of Samsung devices can be automatically linked to your company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution at the purchasing stage. If you’re not sure what MDM is, there’s a free introductory white paper at the bottom of this post.  
Mass Enrollment with Knox: The Advantages. Automated Enrollment
In the KME-Portal you get a complete overview of all Samsung devices registered by the authorized resellers.
  • Users unpack devices and get started right away: All the configurations and policies needed to make the devices suitable for company use can be activated over the air. This lets each worker unpack the devices and use them directly. All preassigned apps are immediately available and all configurations, such as for email, VPN and WiFi access, are executed automatically. Unnecessary parts of the normal device setup process, like Google/Samsung/carrier account registration, can be removed to prepare an uncomplicated setup procedure for each user.
  • Increased security: You always have control over your devices. Even if devices are reset to their factory settings, your Samsung devices will still be linked and manageable by the MDM solution. This helps to secure sensitive company data on devices even further. 

So How Does Knox Mass Enrollment Work? 

Mass enrollment for Samsung devices with Knox is straightforward: 

  1. Register devices: After creating a Samsung account, admins register the devices in the online portal (link at end of page). As previously mentioned, resellers can automatically do this for you to speed things up even further. 
So How Does Knox Mass Enrollment Work?
On the Samsung Knox website, you can see a list of resellers who can automatically register Samsung devices 
  1. Prepare the MDM profile: In order to manage the devices, they need to be linked to the MDM solution. By clicking on “MDM Profiles” in the Knox Mobile Enrollment portal, a setup wizard opens which guides you through the process. Your MDM vendor will provide the necessary information needed for the following steps. 
  2. Hand over devices to employees: Once the user turns on the device, all they have to do is enter their credentials and their device is ready to use. 

How Much Does Knox Mobile Enrollment Cost? 

Knox Mobile Enrollment is an entirely free service from Samsung and no additional licenses are required to use it. That being said, Knox Mobile Enrollment makes the most sense when in combination with an MDM solution, such as Cortado MDM. Depending on the MDM provider, costs may be incurred. 

Summary: A Quick and Easy Way to Reduce the IT Overhead 

Knox mass enrollment is free solution and easy to leverage. If an organization plans to use an MDM solution to deploy a large number of Samsung devices in accordance with security guidelines, then this tool will increase efficiency and speed up the setup process for IT. If you are unfamiliar with Mobile Device Management, consult our free white paper below.  

Newcomer to mobile device management?

Then take a look at our free white paper to learn what MDM is and why it is so important to modern, digital businesses.

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