Anna Schwartzkopf: Samsung again and again

In Part 5 of our blog series, “Employees.and Their Phones,” we spoke with our Business Process Manager Anna Schwartzkopf about her favorite Samsung Galaxy S 20 FE smartphone and her favorite apps.

First of all, what phone do you use and why did you choose this particular phone?

I use a Samsung Galaxy S 20 FE because I definitely wanted an Android device and had very good experiences with my previous Samsung smartphones.

What do you love most about your phone?

It can do everything I needed and wanted, like biometric login with fingerprint on the display, good camera, enough storage at a reasonable price. The old Samsung had the fingerprint sensor on the side and it broke relatively quickly.

Why exactly did you choose this phone?

It had to be a Samsung with a good camera at a price that wouldn’t hurt if it got broken or lost too quickly. I’ve had too many devices stolen to seriously spend a lot of money on a smartphone. Since Cortado covers half of the purchase cost (before taxes) in the BYOD program, it was a fitting choice.

Is there anything that could be improved?

Surely, but even after 2 minutes of thinking nothing comes to mind.

Do you also use your cell phone for work?  Do you participate in Cortado’s BYOD program?

Yes, for years, ever since I got my hands on my first BlackBerry. I participate in the BYOD program, which also helps with the monthly cost of the device.

What exactly do you do with your phone especially in a work context?

I use Teams and Outlook to read and reply to messages and emails when I’m not at my PC. This makes communication with colleagues and external parties easier, especially in other time zones, as I can respond quickly or at least know what to expect on the next working day.

What are your favorite apps?

May I advertise here? 😉 I like to listen to audiobooks (Audible) or listen to music (Muzio Player, Amazon Music), go for walks and hikes (Komoot), read news (Spiegel Online) or control my son’s media time via Family Link. Family Link is definitely my new favorite app!

Have you ever lost your phone and if so, what did you do?

On multiple occasions ☹ My phones were stolen while traveling, pulled out of my pocket at a party (yes, my own fault), stolen out of my handbag. This is extremely frustrating because there is always important data on the smartphone. I then bought a new one as soon as possible and wept over the data loss, not that it would teach me to better deal with backups in the cloud, but it reassures me a lot that I could delete the data remotely.

Do you have a cell phone on your wish list when you retire your current one?

No, but it‘ll very likely a Samsung again!

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