App Distribution now Easier Than Ever: Managed Google Play Integration

Cortado MDM supports the managed Google Play iframe integration, but what is it and what improvements can you expect?

We've updated Cortado MDM to support the new and improved managed Google Play iframe integration. So, what is the managed Google Play iframe exactly and what improvements can you expect?
Simplifying App Deployment: The managed Google Play Store, accessible within Cortado MDM, is now live!

What is Managed Google Play?

With the introduction of Android Enterprise, Google has introduced a business-oriented version of its App Store – known as Managed Google Play.

Managed Google Play allows companies to easily and efficiently equip employees with the apps they need to do their jobs. At the same time, security risks arising from the sideloading of apps are minimized. The benefits of Managed Google Play for businesses include:

  • Large quantities of applications can be acquired as a collective purchase
  • Administrators control the applications available to users
  • Apps and updates can be pushed onto the devices without user intervention
  • Application configurations can be carried out centrally and automatically imported to the devices during installation
  • Employees no longer need a specially managed Google account

Consolidated Device Management with Managed Google Play iframe

Managed Google Play functions are integrated directly into the Cortado MDM console via iframe. IT administrators can therefore leverage Google’s tools to deploy and manage apps without leaving the Cortado MDM console.

One click on “Manage Android Apps” is all it takes, and the following functions are available:

Search Play Store

The search function helps IT administrators browse the Play Store in search of work-related apps. Selected apps can be configured with just a few clicks and distributed via the Managed Play Store.

Private Apps

Any privately developed apps which you have created for your team can be distributed faster and more easily. With a specially accelerated deployment process in the MDM console, which now requires just minutes instead of hours, all you need is the APK and a title to get started.

Web Apps

Why limit your team’s access to important intranet/internet applications or web pages via browser only? It’s now simple to take any web URL and create an app version with customized UI. Once created, your end users will be able to find your custom web apps while browsing Google Play, and they will look just like ordinary user-friendly smartphone apps.

App Clusters

With all the new possibilities open to public apps, private apps and web apps, adequate app organization is vital. You can make sure that your users never get overwhelmed by separating apps into clusters, keeping it clear who needs what apps and when.

Experience the Managed Google Play iframe Now

Managed Google Play with MDM remains the best option for deploying Android apps in the enterprise.

With Cortado MDM and the integrated Managed Google Play iframe, you have all the tools you need to effectively and securely manage Android devices and apps across your enterprise.

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