Virtual Data Rooms: Secure File Sharing and Collaboration

Virtual Data Rooms: The Best Solution for File Sharing and Collaboration
Virtual Data Rooms: The Best Solution for File Sharing and Collaboration

Although successes can be attributed to the work of individuals, you’ll rarely see an absence of collaboration along the way, and in the modern workplace file sharing is one way this materializes. At the same time, sharing sensitive files demands a level of vigilance that cloud-based file sharing services do not provide. With an on-premises virtual data room, you can continue to share files internally or with external project partners without having to worry about security. We explain in the following article how we achieve this for all of our existing clients.

On-Premises File Sharing via Secure Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms are designed for managing, distributing and storing documents and they allow secure collaboration on confidential documents. These documents are stored in electronic form and are accessible through secure, online access to a central server.

With Cortado’s On-Premises Virtual Data Rooms, files are not shared over the cloud, but on a separate server behind the corporate firewall. Employees who want to share files can open secure data rooms in no time, which are accessible to the participants only after their invitation and registration. If necessary, permissions for documents or individual users can be restricted or completely revoked. In addition, all actions can be fully tracked with comprehensive auditing.

Employees securely access both their data rooms and the corporate file server via the Cortado app (iOS and Android) or a web browser. This allows files to be copied, moved or downloaded. No more cumbersome switching between different apps is required. Externals conveniently access shared data rooms via a web browser. If files are changed, the Cortado technology provides fully trackable versioning.

However, file access and sharing is just the beginning. With fully integrated app management, productivity apps like Microsoft Office or the email app can be embedded and made available in a secure business container. This means that employees can use all relevant apps as well as their favorite apps while the company retains full control over the data. Comprehensive printing support adds to range of professional features for working with files.


Nowadays, more than ever, critical data needs to be managed quickly and securely. And secure file sharing forms the basis of effective collaboration among internal and external colleagues. Cortado’s virtual data rooms provide the ideal solution for such requirements. Completely on-premises, they give participants easy access to shared data rooms and offer the company maximum security.