Cortado Mobile Solutions Achieves Android Enterprise Validation for 2024

Cortado Mobile Solutions has once again received Android Enterprise validation for 2024. This significant recognition underscores Cortado Mobile Solutions’ leading role in the field of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and confirms the company’s high standards and quality requirements. As part of the validation, Cortado employees underwent Google’s Android Enterprise training once more, thereby proving their expertise in managing Android devices.

Android Enterprise Silver Partner

For Cortado customers, the Android Enterprise validation brings numerous advantages:

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: With Android Enterprise validation, customers benefit from the latest security features and regular updates, ensuring secure management and use of Android devices. This is especially important for companies that must meet high data protection requirements.
  • Improved Device Management: The integration of Android Enterprise into the Cortado MDM solution enables seamless management of Android devices. Administrators can easily configure devices, set policies, and centrally manage apps. This saves time and reduces administrative effort.
  • Higher User Acceptance: The validation ensures that the use of Android devices is as simple and intuitive as possible for end users. By natively supporting Android features, users benefit from an improved user experience and can work more efficiently.
  • Future-Proof: With Android Enterprise validation, it is ensured that the Cortado MDM solution is always compatible with the latest Android versions. This means that customers’ investments are protected, and they can rely on a dependable solution in the long term.
  • Extended Functionality: The partnership with Android Enterprise brings additional features such as zero-touch enrollment, extended device restrictions, and optimized app management. These features contribute to further increasing the efficiency and security in managing mobile devices.

Practical Applications
A concrete example of the benefits of this partnership is an internationally operating company that employs a large number of field workers. With Android Enterprise validation, this company can ensure that all mobile devices are centrally managed and always comply with company policies. Simplified device configuration and the ability to centrally distribute apps allow field workers to perform their tasks more efficiently, while the IT team is relieved of burdens.

The Android Enterprise validation for 2024 confirms the excellence of Cortado Mobile Solutions in the field of MDM and offers customers numerous advantages, from enhanced security and improved management to higher user acceptance.