Cortado Server Now Android for Work Ready

Cortado Server has met all the Google test criteria and is now listed as an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for Android for Work

Cortado Server Now Android for Work Ready
Cortado Server Now Android for Work Ready

Android for Work offers unified management for Android devices. With Android for Work, Google has managed to cleverly solve issues relating to data security and exchange between business and private apps.

Android for Work Ready

To use Android for Work in a business, an enterprise mobility solution is required that fully supports the management capabilities of the Google system. Cortado Server has been extensively reviewed by Google. Their checklist included among others wiping as well as the rollout and deletion of apps, profiles and devices. Having met all the test criteria, Cortado is now listed as provider of an enterprise mobility solution for Android for Work on the Google for Work Website.

Fully leverage the potential of Android for Work

Android for Work clearly separates personal and business data and apps without the need for complex, third-party management tools. With this, Google provides the foundation for securely integrating Android devices into the corporate IT, based on their native functions, without limiting the variety of apps used. With Cortado Server, companies fully leverage the potential of Android for Work. Mobile devices, apps, and business data are managed centrally and securely thanks to the intuitive management console.

Highlights include:

  • Simple setup of a secure business container using the native OS resources
  • Secure integration and management of apps from the app stores, without any complicated app modifications
  • Easy administration and management based on the existing user management
  • Convenient productivity features for Android users
  • Use of the existing file server, security and auditing functions
  • Extensive support of many other operating systems

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