Cortado Server 9 – What’s New

Cortado Server 9 is now available. The latest version broadens the supported platforms by including macOS and introduces direct Explorer integration for Windows devices.

macOS Management

From now on, Mac devices can also be managed with Cortado Server. What’s unique about this is that in addition to managing users, applications and policies, you can also assign and fully manage network printers. Combined with proven file access via our web app, this ensures optimal integration of Mac devices into the corporate structure.

macOS Management per MDM Profile

Cortado Workplace for Windows – Beta

File drives and projects managed with Cortado Server can be integrated directly into the Windows desktop. This is made possible by the Cortado Workplace app for Windows. This allows users to easily access, and save back to remote network drives at any time via Windows Explorer.

Remote File Access per Windows Explorer

Enhanced Virtual Data Rooms

Cortado Server is the leading solution for On-Premises Virtual Data Rooms. Located on a separate server behind the company’s own firewall, our virtual data rooms enable easy yet fully secure file sharing and effective collaboration with both internal and external parties. With version 9.0 the feature set has been even further extended and user-friendliness significantly increased.

VDR access on iPad

Full Control with Android Enterprise

By supporting the Work-Managed Device Solution Set in Android Enterprise, it is possible to fully manage Android tablets and smartphones through enterprise IT and thus maintain full control over corporate devices. To achieve this, Cortado has been repeatedly certified by Google as an EMM vendor.

Enhanced iOS 11 Support

iOS 11 has been supported by Cortado Server right from its launch. With version 9.0, you can now also use the latest extended feature set of iOS 11. New management options (policies) for iOS devices have also been added.

Update of the Cortado Workplace App for iOS

With the Workplace App, users have secure mobile access to network drives and work productively with files. The iOS version has been updated and further optimized. A new addition is that operations can be carried out directly on folders.

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