Cortado Server: Now With Factory Reset Protection and More

Our latest version of Cortado Server offers a variety of new Android functions. Read on to find out which new features are now available.

  • Android: Factory Reset Protection
  • Dedicated Devices / Kiosk Mode for Android
  • Independent App Provisioning
  • Further Features

    Android: Factory Reset Protection

    Android: Factory Reset Protection. Cortado MDM

    There is no longer any doubt that Android devices are well suited for enterprise use. Integrated security measures such as Google Play Protect and Google Safe Browsing make it easier for users and administrators to fend off threatening security incidents.

    The “Factory Reset Protection” closes another security gap. To prevent a device from simply being reset to factory settings, any number of Google accounts can now be created in the Cortado Server Management Console, which must be accessed in order to approve this process in advance.

    Dedicated Devices / Kiosk Mode for Android

    Dedizierte Geräte / KIOSK-Modus für Android

    For some use cases it is important to restrict access to only one app. Kiosk mode is now fully supported for fully managed Android devices. You can read more about the Kiosk mode and its various uses in our blog post: Android Kiosk Mode – How it Works + 5 Use Cases

    Independent App Provisioning

    Selbstständige Bereitstellung von Apps

    With Cortado Server, you can independently host your apps for enterprise devices, thus avoiding the usual Google Play Store requirements such as testing procedures or file size. In this way, you avoid the sometimes time-consuming process of publishing an app in Google Play when this is not absolutely necessary.

    And There’s More

    Cortado Server now includes all new functions of Cortado MDM, such as the creation of blacklists for specific apps. Learn more in our blog post: Cortado MDM: Now with App Blacklisting, Independent App Deployment and more.

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