Introducing Cortado Server 10

New! Cortado Server 10 supports iOS User Enrollment, Android zero-touch enrollment, Android kiosk mode and more.

We’re pleased to announce the release of the feature-packed Cortado Server 10! This new version of our EMM-solution contains wide-ranging updates that make the enrollment and management of mobile devices quicker, easier and more secure.

These updates include support for iOS User Enrollment and Android zero-touch enrollment, and alongside these exciting features are improved policy/app management, the kiosk mode for Android and further improvements to reporting and device relocation. 

Updates at a glance:

iOS User Enrollment

If privately owned iPhones and iPads are being used for corporate purposes, then corporate data can be put under more protection without infringing the user’s privacy. This is possible thanks to Apple’s User Enrollment, a new MDM method for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) that was released with Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 13. Sensitive business data, business apps and policies are now bound to the new Managed Apple ID and not the device. This lets personal data be kept separate from data managed by Cortado Server.

iOS User Enrollment in Cortado Server 10

Android Zero-Touch Enrollment

Android zero-touch enrollment is a must-have tool in every IT admins disposal. It’s the most convenient way to get corporately-owned Android devices correctly set up and ready to use. Admins can work in the Cortado management console to create all settings and security policies and apply them to groups of users. After that, devices can be deployed without having to touch them at all. Compatible devices check during the first boot if it was assigned with a specific configuration profile. If so, the Cortado app is loaded as the so-called “Device Policy Controller” on the device. Now this app takes responsibility for the complete setup process and makes management over-the-air a possibility.

Cortado Mobile Solutions in Google's Enterprise Solution Directory

Android Kiosk Mode (Dedicated Devices)

You can now give Android tablets and smartphones a dedicated purpose without breaking a sweat. By activating the “kiosk mode” on a device in the Cortado Server management console, you can limit a device to one or several apps. The user’s homepage is completely customizable by the admin too; depending on the scenario, the home button, notification menu, recently used apps overview or the lock-screen can be turned on or off.

Android Kiosk Mode

Simplified Policy Management

Returning users will notice the improved user friendliness of Cortado Server’s policy management, particularly for iOS management. Now the descriptions for each option are in accordance with Apple’s standard explanations. Plus, there is now a filter which lets admins display only the relevant configurations associated with the chosen management method (Supervised/Automated Device Enrollment, User Enrollment and Device Enrollment). Extra iOS policies and the new ability to rename groups of policy settings round off the update to this area.

Filtering policies based on enrollment type

Improved Application Management

Improvements in the area of application management have also been implemented. To pick out a few upgrades, the workflow of importing apps has been simplified. Likewise, distributing an app to a device requires even fewer clicks. Android Devices can also now deploy company-owned apps as “private apps”, while web-apps can be managed as bookmarks.

Improved Application Management

Enhanced Reporting

You will now find a host of new data fields and filtering options in the management console. That means there are now more ways to create more detailed reports and to analyze data. At the device level you will notice the following extra data fields: Supervised Mode, Exchange ID, MAC-Address, IMEI and Serial Number. Filters are included for apps, profiles and policy (success, pending or failed). Admins can also see the telephone number at the user data level.

Enhanced Reporting

Automated Android SafetyNet Actions

All Android devices receive regular integrity and security checks, known as SafetyNet Checks. Failed tests can provide an indication for the presence of manipulated or rooted devices. With Cortado Server 10, admins can define the actions that take place after a failed test. These could include automatically locking the device or completely wiping it.

Automated Android SafetyNet Actions

Find Devices More Easily

Last but not least, the search function for devices has also received an update. You can now use the search bar to find specific devices with many more device characteristics. For example, you can now search via device name, IMEI, serial number, UDID, telephone number, Android ID or SIM. 

Find Devices More Easily

Start Now!

  • Already using Cortado Server? Version 10 is now available in the Cortado Enterprise Portal. This How-To-Guide offers support for the updates.
  • Would you like to test Cortado Server free of charge and without obligation? More information about the product and the registration for your 30-day free trial can be found here: Cortado Server – Inform and Test

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