iPhone 15 and Cortado MDM: The perfect combination for businesses

The iPhone 15 and the enterprise: Cortado MDM ensures that employees get the most out of the device and IT stays in control.

iPhone 15 showing the Cortado logo in its screen.
A fitting combination for enterprise use: Cortado ensures that the iPhone 15 can be managed from day one.

Every year in September, the tech world eagerly awaits the Apple event. This time, the iPhone 15 was waiting in the wings. The latest device from Apple brings some changes to the design, such as rounded corners, narrower display edges and a new titanium casing. The action button is already installed in the Apple Watch Ultra, and it allows creating individual commands via the Shortcuts app.

The A17 Bionic chip in the new iPhone

Of course, there is also an improved chip for the two new premium iPhones. The A17 Bionic chip is supposed to improve the iPhone’s performance by up to 35 percent. Among other things, it has six instead of five CPUs and 3.7 instead of 3.46 gigahertz (both compared to the current A16 Bionic chip) to thank for that. In addition, there are six gigabytes of working memory.

The new generation has a USB-C port

Apple has finally said goodbye to the Lightning port with the iPhone 15. Instead, the iPhone 15 Pro will be charged via a USB-C port. This is due to an EU decision that stipulates a uniform charging standard for smartphones.

Upgrades for the camera

The current iPhone 14 Pro generation already offers the best camera module on the market. However, the iPhone 15 is likely to surpass its predecessor once again. Apple now equips its standard models with last year’s 48-megapixel camera sensor. More significantly, the 15 Pro Max presents itself as the first iPhone with a periscope lens system – a feature that Android devices have had for some time. The previous three-fold optical zoom is now expanded to a five-fold optical zoom (with a focal length of 120 millimeters) with this approach. This can of course be enlarged by another digital zoom. The goal is clear: Higher-quality zoom shots over long distances, similar to what Samsung has already enabled for quite some time.

But what good are all these features and improvements if they can’t be managed optimally? Here comes the good, but probably not surprising news: Our MDM solution, Cortado MDM, is ready for the iPhone 15!

The iPhone 15 and the enterprise: A perfect duo with Cortado MDM

Cortado MDM ensures that the iPhone 15 can be managed via our solution from day 1, which allows your employees to get the most out of their device and has IT administrators remain in control.

Our MDM solution enables companies with

  • Seamless integration: With Cortado MDM, you can quickly and easily integrate iPhone 15 devices into your corporate network. This ensures that your employees can get started right away and benefit from the new features.
  • Optimal management: We offer detailed setting options for every business feature of the iPhone 15. Whether it’s data security or the use of certain apps, Cortado MDM puts you in control.
  • Security: With the iPhone 15 and Cortado MDM, you have access to business tools and can also rest assured that your company data is secure.

In summary, the combination of the iPhone 15’s innovative features and our trusted management tool gives businesses everything they need to succeed in our digital world.

We are ready for the iPhone 15. Do you have any questions? Then send us a message .

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Cortado MDM Trial

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Discover the simplicity of mobile device management with Cortado MDM. Test free of charge and without obligation.