Kaseya MDM Integration – Mobile Device Management for Kaseya VSA

Seamless Mobile Device Management (MDM) is integrated into Kaseya VSA thanks to Cortado MDM. Remotely managing mobile devices and protecting sensitive data is now a breeze for Kaseya users.

Kaseya MDM Integration – Seamless Mobile Device Management for Kaseya VSA Man working on laptop.

Mobile Device Management and Kaseya – Key Advantages

Kaseya is a comprehensive IT management solution which includes a range of solutions in areas such as remote monitoring, device management, automation and security.

Many Kaseya integrations are already available to broaden this scope of features, and now Cortado MDM has been added to the portfolio.

While using Kaseya’s cloud-based solution, you can seamlessly leverage Cortado MDM’s complete Mobile Device Management feature suite from within the VSA console.

With Cortado MDM you can register company-owned or privately-owned iOS and Android devices and remotely manage them. Managing apps, users, device settings and ensuring business data remains separate from private data are all easily taken care of. Likewise, Cortado MDM is well-suited for bringing company smartphones and tablets in compliance with global data protection regulations, such as HIPAA, HITECH and EU-GDPR.

Kaseya MDM Integration – At a Glance

Once the Cortado MDM plug-in is installed, users simply log in with their administration portal credentials. A single-sign-on function ensures that admins do not have to worry about keeping the tab open to avoid further logins.

After logging in, the Cortado MDM dashboard is immediately accesible, giving you a quick overview of all of your managed endpoints.

Kaseya MDM Integration – At a Glance
The Cortado MDM solution, integrated into Kaseya VSA

100% of Cortado MDM’s functionality is available as part of the Kaseya integration. In addition, our popular Knowledge Center is directly reachable via “Help and Support”. The Knowledge Center contains in-depth guides and a series of onboarding videos to provide assistance with just a few clicks. Of course, if you aren’t able to find what you need right away, our team is always there to help.

The Cortado MDM admin portal
All Cortado MDM features are integrated. Admins can quickly monitor registered devices and much more

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