Define Managed App Configurations for Android Now for Users and Groups

Cortado MDM now allows you to configure applications for Android individually for different users and groups. This was previously only the case for iOS.

Managed app configurations for Android in Cortado MDM
The managed application configurations for Android can now be found alongside those for Apple in the Cortado administration portal.

You can use managed configurations to ensure that Cortado MDM also configures the apps you distribute to the device users. For example, as an administrator, you can restrict access to the address book for WhatsApp Business or set the appropriate paper format for the ezeep Blue printing solution. 

Managed app configurations for Android in Cortado MDM
Example: Managed configuration for the ezeep Blue print app.

With the latest update of Cortado MDM, creating a managed configuration for Android apps has become much easier. And what is especially useful is that you can now create multiple configurations for the same app and then assign them to different users or group templates. 

Managed app configurations for Android in Cortado MDM
Once set up, you can assign the managed app configuration to one or more groups.

You can find step-by-step instructions in our Support Center: Create managed configurations for Android apps

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