New Cortado feature release enables integration of Microsoft Azure Active Directory

 NOW AVAILABLE!  Cortado Mobile Solutions has launched a new feature release: Cortado’s Azure AD Sync. With this integration, Cortado is driving connectivity to Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), which is one of the most important directory services for enterprises.

The Cortado Azure AD Sync feature release now enables organizations that already use Azure AD to enroll their employees with other cloud services to seamlessly integrate with Cortado. Administrators can easily authenticate their employees on Cortado-managed devices using their Microsoft Active Directory accounts.

The Microsoft Active Directory connection is managed in the Cortado administration portal.

Continuous synchronization with Active Directory groups and users makes it much easier for administrators to automatically enforce onboarding, offboarding, and organizational structure changes through Mobile Device Management (MDM). This significantly improves the ability to meet customer compliance requirements. This is a significant simplification, especially for larger enterprises.

Microsoft Azure Domain Connect
Connecting Cortado MDM to your Azure AD domain takes just a few steps.

Cortado’s integration with Azure AD is part of Cortado’s new Enterprise plan. Existing customers can obtain the plan through contacting the sales team, while new customers can book this directly through the website.

Instructions on how to set up the new feature can be found in our Knowledge Base: Connect Azure Active Directory for Group Import