Now available: The new Cortado app for iOS

Our BYOD app is now called Cortado App. It also now supports COBO and COPE scenarios and is from now on available in the Apple App Store.

The Cortado App for iOS is now available in the Apple App Store
The new Cortado app is now available in the Apple App Store.

What’s New?

From now on, our app for iOS can be found in the Apple App Store under the name Cortado. In addition to BYOD, the app now also supports iPhones and iPads used as part of COBO and COPE device management strategies.

This means that the app enables app management of supported devices. At the same time, there is now the option to update any installed business apps using the Cortado app.

Cortado App: All Advantages at a Glance

The Cortado app connects mobile devices securely to the company’s Cortado MDM system and provides device users with the following benefits:

  • Quickly and, securely deploy work resources to the iPhone/iPad 
  • Set up business email accounts, calendars and contacts with just a few clicks  
  • Gain fast access to corporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks  
  • Automatically install required certificates 
  • Browse the Enterprise App Store for business apps and intranet applications  
  • Ensure secure, GDPR-compliant operation  
  • Remotely wipe (company) data and lock the iPhone/iPad in case of device lost  
  • Ensure privacy and corporate data protection for all BYOD, COBO and COPE devices  

The Cortado app is available for free download from the Apple App Store.