New Group Management: More Efficiency and Improved Control

As of now, the brand-new group management feature by Cortado is available to you. The previous group templates have been replaced by the new groups, making the management of policies, profiles, apps, and configurations even easier and more organized.

The New Group Management: More Efficient Device Management and Improved Control by Cortado MDM
Streamlined Management with the New Group Feature – Assign Users even easier to Groups.

The new group function enables much more efficient device management and enhanced control over settings and resources. In particular, the ability for users to be members of multiple groups opens up new perspectives.

Depending on their role or the projects they are involved in, users can belong to different groups, allowing them to receive the specific settings and resources they need to work effectively. This enables better consideration of individual work requirements and preferences.

Key benefits of the new group function include:

  • Users can now be members of multiple groups, allowing for flexible assignment of policies, profiles, apps, and configurations.
  • The time-consuming prioritization of groups is eliminated, as all groups apply their settings directly to the devices, and manual deployment steps are no longer necessary.
  • Multiple policies are automatically consolidated, and the most restrictive setting is applied, resulting in efficient and consistent rule enforcement.
  • All apps assigned to a group are automatically deployed, simplifying the application deployment process.
  • Groups can be deactivated if needed, enabling temporary or permanent suspension of settings.
  • New users can be automatically added to none, one, or multiple groups to ensure seamless integration into the corresponding workspaces.

Smooth Transition and Continuous Workflows

Your existing group templates have been automatically converted into the new groups, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless continuation of workflows. Please feel free to verify if all policies, apps, profiles, and configurations continue to be implemented as desired. For more information, please visit our Support Center: Cortado MDM with the New Group Feature.

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