Now available: Cortado Server 8

Cortado Server 8 is released! The new version supports Android Enterprise and the current iOS versions in their entirety. The new mobile operating system versions and Cortado Server make enterprise mobility simpler, more productive and more secure.

cortado server
New Cortado Server 8.0 Allows Corporate IT to Benefit from Android for Work and iOS 9

Smartphone operating systems are evolving rapidly. Among the many improvements for consumers, there are also various benefits for corporate IT. With Android for Work and iOS 9, Google and Apple have created a framework that enables secure and productive work.

The only requirement for corporate IT is the right enterprise mobility management system. This is Cortado Server. Cortado’s philosophy has always been that device and application management functions need to be addressed at the operating system level. Device manufacturers have confirmed this with the latest developments for their operating systems.

The use of native applications and the support of all apps available in the app stores are crucial for user satisfaction. This is why Cortado has refrained from meaningless practices such as app wrapping or cloning email applications. Instead, Cortado concentrated on optimal integration with the widespread Windows-based backend system, focusing on key productivity features such as rights management, file access, and printing.

Cortado’s customers benefit from the direct integration of the native management functions of smartphones and tablets into the rights management of Windows Active Directory. This substantially simplifies the management of mobile devices. Android for Work and iOS 9 secure corporate data on these devices and clearly separate personal and business data and apps without the need for complex, third-party management tools. All apps, including email and calendar, can be managed securely. Furthermore, corporate IT reaches a new level of productivity when these capabilities are combined with file sharing and print services.

In addition to the broad platform support, which also includes Windows Phone along with Android and iOS, Cortado has expanded its multi-patented print services along with many other improvements. iOS users have already been able to print directly from an iPad or iPhone to any available network printer with users being able to manage and code-protect their print jobs. These capabilities are also fully possible for Android users with Android Print.

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