Virtual Data Room Demo – See How It Works

While at VMWorld, our Cortado colleague Ross explained exactly how collaboration with Virtual Data Rooms looks like for all organizations using Cortado Server. Take a look at our Virtual Data Room demo.

Get to Know Virtual Data Rooms

Instead of inviting external colleagues to access data files directly from your company infrastructure, you can place the document in a secure proxy. From here, you can invite external partners to this proxy and they can edit and collaborate.

In the video, you can see how you can create a new Virtual Data Room: the virtual space where the files you wish to share will reside.

While the device in our Virtual Data Room demo uses iOS, you are not limited to this operating system. In fact, you can have a diverse eco-system of operating systems in your workplace environment and Cortado will still be able to support all of them. This is because Cortado always uses the native operating systems of each device, ensuring compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows.

New members can be added to the Virtual Data Room by adding their email address into the central console.

Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

Every employee, regardless of where they work, values the possibility of working as quickly as possible on their business operations. When working with external partners, Virtual Data Rooms can really speed up projects in a number of ways. Firstly, you can reduce the number of face-to-face meetings required because you can simply share files in the Virtual Data Room to carry out Q&As.

Similarly, with our file sharing solution, data management is handled in a secure and reliable manner. You will be surprised by how convenient it is to conduct file sharing in this manner.

If you want to see which benefits to security and productivity Virtual Data Rooms could leverage in your organization, you can do so today with our free trial.