Google to Stop Android Updates for Huawei and Removes Recommended Status

Google will stop Huawei from accessing Android updates as the row between the US and China escalates. The big chip makers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have also withdrawn support.

Huawei Android Enterprise Recommended
Mate 20 no longer recommended: The Google ban has left a lot of people scratching their heads

The ban is likely to apply to new Huawei models released outside of China. They will most surely lose access to the important Google services like Google Play Store, Maps and Gmail.

Huawei Devices Lose Android Enterprise Recommended Status 

Before the ban was imposed, 260 of the 7192 Android devices on the Android Enterprise Recommended website were produced by the Chinese company.

Worryingly for businesses using these devices, whether in BYOD, COPE or CYOD scenarios, it appears that Google is already distancing itself from the manufacturer on its Android Enterprise website.

For example, the Mate 10 Pro, which still states on its website that it is an Android Enterprise Recommended device, no longer appears in the directory, the Android Enterprise homepage, nor has the important “Recommended” badge.  

In fact, all Huawei products have now been pulled from the Android Enterprise Recommended list and only a handful of the previous 260 devices remain in Google’s directory at all.

Next Steps 

It is too early to give a definitive verdict on how the Google ban will affect Huawei devices and their management by MDM. The status of this situation is likely to change swiftly in the coming weeks, and IT-admins would be well advised to follow this fast-changing dispute as it continues to develop. The ban could also be lifted at a later date, and the fact that Huawei Mate 20 pro has been reinstated to the Android Q beta is encouraging.

That being said, access to regular security updates plays a key role in the selection of devices for enterprise use. Therefore, it would be wise to wait and reconsider any provisioning of Huawei devices for the time being.  

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