Mobile Printing: How do I Print from my iPad with Cortado?

Mobile Printing with iOS and Cortado Server


If you own an Apple iPad, iPhone, or any other Apple iOS product for work, the chances are that you’ll want to print documents from it at some point with the minimum of fuss.

Mobile Apple devices use a native iOS printing system that allows users to mobile print wirelessly with one tap. The printing can be sent to any compatible network printer. For most home network printing, a basic configuration with an up to date iOS installation and firmware printer drivers will probably be fine.

However, native iOS printing alone can have certain limitations. This is particularly so if iOS mobile devices, such as an iPad, are being used for wireless or remote printing within a corporate setting.

Not all applications offered for iOS devices can be used directly. Native iOS printing may not be compatible with older (pre-2010) printers, print configurations, and Android devices. It also requires that the user be connected to a set wireless network in the same building to work, reducing mobility. Security may also be a serious issue, as native iOS printing does not encrypt your data or require a second stage identity check to release documents.

Cortado Server offers a remedy.

What is Cortado Server?

Cortado Server is an administrative IT software suite from the makers of ThinPrint. It is intended for use with any current version of Microsoft Windows Server. Cortado Server has been designed as a one stop solution for otherwise time consuming, complex, and mundane network administration and device management tasks. Cortado also provides a secure hub from which to easily manage your company or corporation’s mobile devices. To do this, Cortado Server offers the server administrator a wide array of network tools. Cortado Server has been designed to simplify remote iOS device management (including policy and application permissions), protect remote file storage and access, and provide virtual conferencing with dedicated file sharing. Cortado thus offers an unprecedented level of remote control and security to network administrators. But it is in enhancing end user functionality that Cortado really comes into its own.

Printing from iOS with Cortado Server

With Apple iOS devices such as the iPad, Cortado can be installed by the users themselves via the dedicated Cortado Workplace app (available free from Cortado at the Apple Store). Once they have been provided with a login, users can access the full range of mobile print suite options Cortado has to offer for Apple printing.

Cortado adds far greater Wi-Fi printing functionality to your authorised iOS network devices, whilst retaining all the advantages of out of the box Apple printing. Importantly, Cortado Server can be used by employees to print from any other iOS application. As well as this, Cortado offers greater ease of access to users through a clean and understandable user interface and a wider range of printout options.

Through Cortado, iOS users can access any network printer registered with your installation of Cortado Server. Cortado simply routes the print traffic to the chosen printer for the user, via an email attachment. This allows for the construction of office print networks that can handle Android and iOS devices, simultaneously. The email printing functionality that Cortado Server provides also permits employees to send in documents while out of office to network printers to be remotely printed.

Local wireless printing is also improved, through Cortado’s dedicated Wi-Fi printer proximity detection feature. This means that you can use Cortado to quickly print from the nearest available printer with iOS, instead of having to use the network default in another part of the building. Security improvements are another advantage of using Cortado Server. SSL encryption during file transfer and an (optional) second stage, QR code check at the printer for printouts are both offered, through Cortado’s Integrated Personal Printing system. Cortado can provide your company with a more proactive defence against unauthorised access to data or hard copies of sensitive corporate or customer files.

Cortado offers what native iOS printing alone is missing: usability, flexibility, and security.

Find out more through Cortado’s mobile printing tour.

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