iOS Mail Tips: We’ll Show you the Hidden Features

To work productively with Apple’s iOS Mail completely, you’ll also need to get familiar with all the various tricks hidden in the iOS software. For this blog post, we created a iOS Mail tutorial that shows you 10 cool iOS Mail tips that are out of plain sight.

iOS Mail is a great App for work purposes, and editing mails has been significantly improved due to it. Here are some of the iOS Mail tips shown in the video.

Apple Gestures

There are a whole host of multi-touch gestures to learn. Try to swipe with 2 fingers over the keyboard so you can guide the cursor more exactly than usual.
You can also select text far easier – to do so, just hold 2 fingers for a moment on the keyboard.

Mutlitasking with iOS Mail

There are also 3 handy improvements to Apple’s multitasking capabilities. The first improvement is the slide bar to the right of the iPad screen. You can click to the right of the iPad screen and the app bar will pop up without having to exit the iOS Mail at all.

With iPad Air 2 and beyond, you can also take advantage of “Split View” so that you can work in two apps simultaneously.

Picture in Picture makes multitasking also easier, for example if you are in Facetime and would like to check an email, you can just select Picture in Picture and do both at once.

Extra Features

If you want the notification of a reply to a mail to appear directly on the lock screen, tap the bell icon. Stay up to date with meeting invitations via your email calendar.

You can add attachments to e-mails. Tap and hold the button anywhere, then select “add attachment”. Alternatively, use the Edit Panel and tap the paperclip icon. If files are attached to a mail, they can also be saved.

The markup function is another great addition, allowing you to add annotations to PDFs in the same way as you would on a PC.

iOS Mail: How to Get the Most out of iOS with Mobile Device Management

We recommend that you use the native mail application together with an MDM solution. For a number of reasons, mail is often not enough to access and share files. So take a look at our next posts to see how secure, convenient file access and sharing can work for your business.

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