iPhone 8 & iOS 11: Eight Business Features We’re Hoping For

iPhone displaying Today's Business Menu

iPhone 8 & iOS 11: Essential Ingredients for a Successful Business Menu

The iPhone 8 rumor mill is in full swing. While many of the discussions are related to topics like VR/AR or whether the display can be bent, we’d rather ask what business users can expect from the new iPhone. And in doing so, we won’t be gosiping over “secret” insider information, but will take a look at what our customers actually want.

First of all: Apple, please continue the SE series! With a lasting form factor and up-to-date technology, more and more business processes can be accomplished efficiently on this device, for example in the logistics sector. Which brings us straight to our first wish for the iPhone 8 and iOS 11:

1. Apple, Please Enable NFC!

This would enable mobility to improve a whole range of business processes. Whether for logistic workers registering a shipping container, for sports article manufacturers and their customers securing expensive equipment, or for companies wanting to ensure confidential printing: NFC makes it so much easier. Apples’s argument that they want to ensure the Apple Pay process remains as simple as possible, could be easily solved with the appropriate default settings

2. Separate the Address Book

Based on iOS and the right EMM system, native business containers can already be created. But there is always room for improvement and just as the email app can be separated into a business and private account, then this should also be possible for the address book. This would also make the most demanding business customers extremely satisfied.

3. Open the Markup Tool

Many developers already use Apple’s PDF preview. However, Apple apps can do more than just a simple preview. With the aid of a small toolbox, PDF files could be easily modified. This is essential for many workflows. We’re hoping that Apple will present the appropriate SDK at WWDC 2017.

4. Support QR Codes

QR codes are now widely used. Wouldn’t it be practical if the iPhone’s camera reacted automatically to QR codes? Or at least the navigation menu of the Safari browser would allow you to scan a QR code directly?

5. Improve the Search for Apps

It doesn’t have to be an entire managed app store – a favorites list, managed centrally via an EMM system would make it far easier for enterprise users to find the right apps.

6. Integrate Workflow Features

Workflow, recently acquired by Apple, allows you to connect apps and functions within apps in strings of commands to automate tasks, similar to IFTTT or Zapier for the web. The integration of Workflow app capabilities into the operating system could significantly increase productivity for Apple Power users.

7. Simplify the Way to a Standard Format

Pages, Keynote and Numbers are excellent office tools. However, in a Microsoft-dominated world, it would be really handy if you could chose the standard format and leave out the export step. Perhaps too much to hope for would be support of the open document format which would open up an entire ecosystem of office apps.

8. Support USB-C

It would be an unusual step for Apple, but supporting USB-C instead of the Lightning Connector would be a great improvement. This would not only make EU regulators happy, but also the owners of current Macbooks with only one adapter/power supply needed for everything!

We still have many wishes for the upcoming iPhone 8 and for iOS 11, but still, Apple iOS is one of the best platforms for mobile business processes. We remain curious about which of our wishes are fulfilled and hope for the best.

What are your wishes for iPhone 8 and iOS 11? We are looking forward to your comments.


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