MDM: User Enrollment Coming with iOS 13.1

Apple’s brand-new enrollment option, now supported by Cortado Server, will be available for the enterprise after September 24th. Here is a MDM-roundup of everything enterprises need to know.

 iOS 13 MDM:  User Enrollment,  user holding an iPhone.
iOS 13 MDM:  User Enrollment, an important update to Apple BYOD, will arrive with iOS 13.1.

User Enrollment Coming Sep. 24

Although iOS 13 is out today, the most important update for enterprise devices will arrive with iOS 13.1.

User Enrollment, Apple’s reworked BYOD concept, will first become accessible for enterprise iPhones, iPads and Macs on September 24, with the release of iOS 13.1.

That means enterprises and business users will have to sit tight just a little bit longer, before they can get their hands on the new iOS 13 MDM changes.

Quick Recap of User Enrollment

User Enrollment is designed to address all the complaints that prevented Apple BYOD from being the number one choice for Bring Your Own Device in the enterprise.

Over time, it became somewhat inferior to Android-based BYOD (and Android’s great “Work Profile”) in several departments, notably in privacy and user experience.

Now, a complete rework to Apple BYOD has addressed those issues. With the upcoming release of iOS 13.1, iPhones and iPads are once again an excellent choice for businesses wanting to introduce BYOD at the workplace and help employees work productively on-the-move.

For an in-depth overview of iOS 13 MDM changes and how the improvements to BYOD are being achieved, take a look at our complete guide to Apple’s User Enrollment and our ultimate guide to iPhone device management.

Enterprises: Exercise Patience with New Updates

While iOS 13 is indeed available today, there have been reports of some initial instability with the new OS. Some reviews of the new iPhone 11 Pro, for example, have recommended consumers to wait for iOS 13.1 to avoid laggy apps and device crashes.

These early reports are helpful for businesses. As a precaution, it is once again good to stress the advantages of delaying a new update until is approved by the IT department (we explained why companies should delay iOS updates earlier this year).

Great news for Cortado users: delaying iOS updates can be easily done via the central interface. A dedicated feature for controlling the visibility of updates is located in the policies tab. By unchecking “Immediate OS Update”, IT admins can set a time delay before the update becomes visible.

Final Steps: User Enrollment Checklist

To make sure your business is start-ready for User Enrollment, make sure you do the following:

  • Update existing Apple DEP accounts to Apple Business Manager: User Enrollment requires Managed Apple IDs. These can only be created in Apple Business Manager, so make sure your have access to this free portal. Those unfamiliar with Apple Business Manager can read our introduction to ABM.
  • Check if you are on the list of 65 countries where ABM (and therefore User Enrollment) is available.
  • Sign up for Cortado Server or check if your current MDM vendor supports User Enrollment.

User Enrollment with Cortado MDM

This free whitepaper shows all changes for administrators and end users in detail.

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