Secure Mobile File Access with Cortado Server

Take immediate advantage of secure mobile file access with our free trial! Watch this video to learn why Cortado’s Enterprise Mobility solutions are the smartest way to work productively and easily on the move.

Get more done!

Comprising of a range of tools that increase productivity and enable easy mobile file access, our EMM solutions are engineered to help you work more efficiently. Extensive security measures are also at the core of our efforts so your valuable corporate data remains protected at all times according to German law. Accessing files on the go couldn’t be more straightforward.

Cortado makes mobile work really easy and productive

We offer an Enterprise Management solution for all kinds of mobile devices. Using the Cortado apps, employees can now connect to all network drivers, e-mail systems, databanks and their network printers.
Because Cortado uses the native management functions of the individual mobile operating systems, users can carry on using the apps that they love. Furthermore, Cortado Server allows users to quickly print from any app to any network or Wi-Fi printer. In the backend, seamless integration with the existing IT environment, including Active Directory, is also ensured.

In combination with Cortado MDM, you can create secure containers for mobile devices. The flexible, business container creates a separate space on your employees’ mobile devices. You determine which apps you want to allow and the secure container ensures that company data will never be transferred to private apps.

And when it comes to sharing files with external partners, Cortado’s Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) are the perfect choice. It sets up secure virtual areas where project partners and external collaborators can access and share files without leaving you vulnerable to security problems.

Mobile File Access – Try Cortado Workplace

With Cortado Server, your IT department can grant employees secure access to the existing network resources, while keeping control of all corporate data. And the end-users will enjoy working without data storage limitations.

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