Native iOS Printing in Corporate Environments

Discover full iOS printing support with the printing of e-mails, PDFs, or Office documents directly from iPhones and iPads to any network printer, regardless of the manufacturer.

Easy Printing with iPads and iPhones

With Apple’s native printing feature, users can print comfortably from their iPads, iPhones and iPod touch.

However, special printers are required that support this specific printing feature. There are already a few printer models which do this; unfortunately, these are rarely used in companies. There are a couple of reasons for this. For example, one reason is that these printers cannot be managed via Active Directory.

Thanks to Cortado Server’s Active Directory integration, iPad or iPhone users have exactly the same list of printers available which they have on their desktop.

Intuitive Management

With just one click in Cortado Server’s management console, the IT administrator can activate the native iOS printing feature for all corporate printers.

IT admins can then assign as many network printers as necessary to users according to their Active Directory rights. The result is that employees can print from any app on their iOS device. And all without having to install any drivers or having to download additional software.

For more information about mobile iOS printing, read our free white paper.

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