Create PDF files with iPad and iPhone? It’s this easy!

PDF with iPhone

Creating PDF with iPhone and iPad? It’s easy!

Anyone who uses smartphones and tablets for work will be familiar with this situation: the website discovered en route or the view just created by an app needs to be made permanently available. One option would be to take a screenshot. However, this doesn’t allow much in the way of editing. With the right solution you can also print websites and app content – both on your home printer or on a network printer using Cortado’s native iOS printing.

In the App Store there are countless apps for creating a PDF with iPhones or iPads from any content. An additional app is however not even necessary. Apple has integrated the function natively into its operating system, but it is very well hidden.

In projects, we’re always asked for a simple and intuitive solution to solve this problem. Below, we’ll show you quickly how to easily convert content into a PDF, which can then be worked on in other apps without any problems.

Three easy steps to create PDF with iPhone or iPad

Apple has hidden the function for creating a PDF in the AirPrint dialog box. So you will need an app with a printing feature. Many office apps allow printing of the created content. For this example, we’ll use the Safari browser, which also supports AirPrint.

  1. Open a website and in the Open In function select the “Print” option. You will then see the document in the print preview.
  2. Force touch (iPhone 6s or later) or long press (previous models) on the preview image in the print dialog. A preview of the document to print will open. This is already a PDF.
  3. Using the Open-In function, you can now import the PDF to any other app and save it.

Using this in combination with an EMM solution like Cortado Server opens up an additional useful function. This allows you to set which apps can exchange data with one another. This ensures that sensitive data from an enterprise application can only be shared with other secure enterprise apps.

Creating PDF with iPhone

Creating PDFs with an iPhone in three steps

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