How to Print with iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise

iOS devices remain dominant when it comes to enterprise use of mobile devices. With their iPhone and iPad, employees have all important documents at hand and can work flexibly. But in the modern business world, simply having digital documents is not sufficient. We show you in this video how to print with iPhones and iPads on the go. 

For many years now, being able to print off documents from your desktop is no longer classed as a luxury. It is just something that employees have grown accustomed to. And when something so taken-for-granted as printing doesn’t work it can be especially frustrating.

Enter the modern, mobile workplace and things just got a lot more complicated. It is no surprise that employees want to be able to print with iPhones and iPads, just like with their desktops. These useful tools help them to be more productive on the go. If a desktop can print, then why can’t any other mobile device print away from the desk? It’s easy to see why this type of situation leads to a lot of frustrated employees.

This is where Cortado Server comes into play. Cortado Server enables flexible printing to network printers in the office or Wi-Fi printers. In addition, all network printers can be used as native iOS printers and can even be used in situations where the users are located outside the corporate network.

In addition, Cortado Server also offers the integrated security feature Personal Printing. This solution allows users to only be able pick up a print job once they have authenticated themselves directly at the printer. Do you want to know more about mobile printing with iPhones or iPads? Then simply get in touch.

For more information, you can also download our white paper about Mobile Printing.

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