How Do I Print with My iPhone, iPad? Here’s the Answer

It is a question we hear all the time: How do I print with my iPhone? Then, there are the other curious souls wanting to know the same thing so that they can print with their iPad. Well no fear, Ross from Cortado gave a quick presentation right at his booth at VMWorld, demonstrating how total print-freedom is possible with Cortado Server.

How Do I Print With My iPhone or iPad?

The question “How do I print with my iPhone or iPad” is not just relevant in private situations. You may want to print from your mobile devices at work too. It is actually possible to virtually print out documents from any device and the process is really simple. Just take a look at our video: with the Cortado app, you have easy access to all printers connected to the corporate network. And due to Cortado’s novel approach, all printers in your network drive are accessible from your tablets and smartphones, exactly as they would be on your desktop.

The Best Thing About Cortado?

If we had to pick one feature that we are particularly proud of, it might have to be Cortado’s native application support. Even when you are working with iOS native applications, like Pages, there are no workarounds needed whatsoever to gain entry into Apple’s “walled garden” and print. With just a tip of your finger all the printers on your corporate network drive are listed. Meaning productive, remote working without a hitch – and its all seamlessly integrated into your existing interface.

Cortado Server: Try for Free Now

Mobile print with Android, iPad, iPhone to network/wireless printers. Get to know the printershare scenario with MDM by the management solution from Cortado. A free trial is available on our website. Feel free to use our contact us page if your have any questions.

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