Mobile Application Management (MAM) with Android For Work and Cortado

With Cortado MDM, app management with Android for Work is simplified on work devices. In this video, we’ll show you just how simple it is, thanks to the central management console.

App management with Android for Work and Cortado MDM is surprisingly uncomplicated. In the Android for Work Play Store, you can make sure that not all apps are available as usual. This is because you can approve the apps that you are able to use on work devices. You do this through the backend using the management console of the MDM solution. Check out our video to see how this looks.

App Management via the Central Management Console

In the management console apps can be classified either as recommended or mandatory apps. You can assign apps to users or entire groups of users in your company. Users can then download the recommended apps from the business version of the Play Store. Also each IT admin can decide which apps should be pushed directly to the devices with the MDM solution. App management with Android for Work also gives employees the opportunity to clearly separate work and private apps.

The IT admin can also delete apps via the MDM solution. And whenever an employee leaves the company, their Android for Work profiles can be easily deleted and all business apps along with contacts and emails no longer appear on their smartphones or tablets.

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