How do you roll out devices with Google’s Android For Work?

Depending on whether you have COPE, COBO or any other mobile device policy in your company, there are different device enrollment methods. We take a brief look at a couple of ways in which devices can be rolled out.

BYOD Enrollment

If a private Android tablet or smartphone is used for business purposes, then this is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. To enroll a phone or tablet, you can install Android for Work manually via the Setup Wizard on the device.

COPE and COBO Device Enrollment

Companies also provide their employees with smartphones or tablets for working with. There are for example two variations to this approach. First companies can provide their employees with corporately owned devices that are also enabled for personal use, better known as COPE (Corporately Owned, Privately Enabled). Organizations can also provide employees with corporately owned devices that are strictly for business use only, also known as COBO (Corporately Owned, Business Only).

When these strategies are used, an IT admin can use Near Field Communication (NFC) to speed up enrollment. With NFC, you can easily enroll mobile phones and tablets and Android for Work is installed.

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