Cortado Adds Corporate Drive Access to iOS 11 and the Files App

Even today, Cortado Server enables access to corporate networks. With iOS 11 and the Files app, this will be even more convenient.

access to corporate servers

Hours before Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) on June 5, the secretive plans for iOS 11 were gradually revealed. A placeholder listing was spotted in the App Store for a mysterious “Files app”. Meanwhile, WWDC 2017 is over and the Files app has turned out to be a long-awaited file manager for the new iOS 11. This app corresponds to a file manager and is aimed primarily at professionals who require an appropriate administration program in order to complete their tasks. Cortado Mobile Solutions ensures that the new iOS version can therefore also access a business’s own servers.

Improved Enterprise Capabilities for iOS 11

Files from cloud services can finally be properly managed with the new Files app. Apple, for the sake of the brand’s own simplicity, had so far consciously left out a more complex file manager. However, Apple’s CEO Cook has now seen that professionals need to work productively and require a file management system. The Files app and the improved enterprise capabilities that go with it, have allowed Apple to take a sensible step towards becoming more business-friendly.

Cloud Access via the Files App

From the app, the current iOS version allows direct access to documents and files from any source. With the Files app, you can simply access cloud storage such as Dropbox, Box and iCloud, which now appear in a common user interface: Thanks to the new iOS version, this long-cherished dream of professionals has finally become an Apple reality. What would a professional want more than direct access to cloud storage? By just looking at what happens in day-to-day reality though – most important corporate documents are not in the cloud, but are saved on a company’s own file server.

Cortado Provides Professionals with Access to In-House File Servers with the Files App

With the latest version of Cortado Server, professionals enjoy direct access with the new iOS version to internal, corporate file servers. Access to these internal servers is done through the Files app and is primarily for iPad pro users. Armin Lungwitz, CIO at Cortado Mobile Solutions, describes the access to internal files enabled by Cortado as “never has been so easy”. Convenient opening of files from the app saves users from moving internally stored files to a public cloud. This means that the files can remain in the secure corporate network while being fully accessible at the same time. Many companies still want to keep their corporate documents on-premises in the company. Cortado Server has the ideal solution for this scenario and significantly improves workflows within a company. Ideal conditions for high mobile productivity and the greatest levels of acceptance in a corporate context.

More information about file access with the recent version of Cortado Server can be found in our white paper Optimizing file access in the iOS business container.

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