Android Management

Huawei Android Enterprise recommoneded

Google to Stop Android Updates for Huawei and Removes Recommended Status

Google will stop Huawei from accessing Android updates as the row between the US and China escalates. The big chip makers Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx and Broadcom have also withdrawn support.

Android Enterprise enables secure mobile working

From Android for Work to Android Enterprise: The Evolution of Android Business Features

With Android Enterprise (formerly Android for Work), Google offers comprehensive security and management features that enable companies to securely integrate Android devices into their environment. We look back at the origins of Android’s business features and show how Android Enterprise is making Android devices more and more popular in businesses.

Apple iOS 12 oder Google Android Pie – wer hat das bessere Rezept?

Android Pie vs iOS 12: How Google and Apple Are Fighting for Business Customers

The market for mobile business users is very attractive for device manufacturers. Apple and Google, in particular, are fighting for supremacy among corporate users and are constantly improving their business features. We’ve taken a closer look at the current operating systems – iOS 12 and Android Pie, to find out which of them has the edge. Let the battle begin!

Android Work Profile auf dem Google Pixel

Android Enterprise: Google’s Catching Up in the Business Environment

Parallel to this year’s Google I/O developer conference at the beginning of May, the Android Enterprise Partner Summit was again held in London. In addition to sharing experiences and workshops, Google always gives an outlook on future developments for the Android ecosystem. We’ve summarized the most important news and announcements here for you.

Android - the fragmented operating system

Android for Work – What Does Fragmentation Mean for Companies

Android has the largest market share, but for many companies the operating system remains too fragmented. Android for Work offers a helping hand.

Video: Android for Work Costs

How much does Google’s Android For Work cost?

Watch our video to get a clear overview of Android for Work costs. You can also read the information underneath the video.

Android for Work Devices

Android For Work: Which Devices are Compatible?

Learn which devices are compatible with Android for Work. Our video gives you an instant overview. You can also read the information underneath the video.

Android for Work - Contacts Apps

How Android for Work Separates Business from Private Contacts

With Android for Work, your smartphone contacts are divided between private and business contacts. Watch our video and see how it works.

How do you roll out devices with Google’s Android For Work?

How do you roll out devices with Google’s Android For Work?

Depending on whether you have COPE, COBO or any other mobile device policy in your company, there are different device enrollment methods. We take a brief look at a couple of ways in which devices can be rolled out.

How to Set Up Android for Work on Your Smartphone

See how to set up Google’s Android for Work on your Android smartphone. Our video shows how it works.